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What you must know before purchasing an accounting program

If you are looking for an accounting program for your company, you may find that you are faced with options from the advertised programs and most of them may be similar in the way they are advertised .. We offer 10 basic points that you must know before purchasing an accounting program.

1- The age of the company in the market reflects ..

      A- The correctness of accounting data .. It is one of the most important points that must be reviewed since the software industry is not an easy matter. Many programs may contain software problems inside them and the customer may collide with them later .. As there are many programs that may deal with accounting matters in a way. Wrong, such as the equations for calculating the average cost and thus a wrong evaluation of the stock and thus a wrong evaluation of profits, thus the age of the company in the market reflects the strength of the programs practical experiences and then the size of its dealings with the expected and unexpected errors

     B - The age of the company in the market reflects the extent to which the customer feels safe for the company’s board in the future to support him technically, which reflects greater confidence in the customer’s continued work on the program

2- The work team

There is no doubt that the sale of professionally specialized programs such as accounting software requires an efficient professional accounting team who has the experience to make an accounting application and an accounting role suitable for the client with the optimal accounting image in which the customer may participate with the company to exchange experiences to ensure the best use of the program and the provisions of the companys accounting cycle .. and assistance In preparing the opening balances and initial inventory, and optimizing the classification of the chart of accounts to ensure the optimal accounting presentation for the final accounts.

3- The accounting program is a fixed asset

 I know well before you buy an accounting program that you are going to buy a fixed asset for the company. It is not easy to change it later .. Yes, as a company, you do not have time to do another experiment that goes through the training phases of a new system, its foundation and its establishment, unlike paying other costs.

4- Gradual implementation of the system.

Make sure to automate your accounting system gradually so that you deal in an optimal way with the capabilities of your team .. Give him the opportunity to gradually implement and understand the system gradually. It is not easy to change work systems at the individual level .. So choose a company that supports you for that.

5- Closing the fiscal year

It is very important to ask about the way to close the program for the fiscal year and open another fiscal year .. Does the program do this automatically without the need for the company? .. Many companies do not allow the program to do this, forcing you to return to them to open a new fiscal year, which is considered a restriction for the customer, noting that the customer has the right to do the closing and open a new financial year easily and simply with the creation of the opening entries automatically from the program

6- Registration at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Is the company’s program registered and is the owner of the program’s codes to ensure that the company legally owns the program and then maintains it?

7- The license and ownership of the program

 The company is the owner of the program or an agent of a foreign company .. which reflects the ability of the company to make modifications or software additions with ease .. And what is the means of licensing the program in the event of changing or damaging devices

8- Flexibility of the program

 The size and quantity of the technical settings in the program, which reflects the size of the flexibility of the program for the client, because in the future you will find that you need additions and changes consistent with the nature of your development, so the program must have sufficient flexibility for that in order to prevent you from falling into the trap of replacing it in the future.

9- Prices

Pricing methods differ between companies, there are companies that sell a first basic copy at a large price and then each other terminal version for a small amount, but this system is not suitable for medium or small companies .. And there are other companies that sell the copy for each device and this system is better for medium and small companies as it does not pay Amounts, except according to his actual needs .. But remember that you are buying a fixed asset for the company, it is not easy to change it later, and I know that the programs are cheap, reflecting the lack of its capabilities and the capabilities of the company and its work team, and you need a company that enjoys stability and stability

10- Company headquarters

Finally .. you can make sure that the company owns a fixed headquarters and owns it, so surely this reflects a more guarantee for the customer for the ease of access to the company, its continuity and stability, which means ensuring that the technical support remains and then the program remains working well for the customer
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