Programes - Production

 The following overview of the manufacturing program:

1 – A complete manufacturing plan at daily or weekly or monthly or annual.
2 – The possibility of converting manufacturing plan into manufacturing process with a single click
3 – Measuring the theoretical possibility of manufacturing plan or any product so that it appear shortcomings to complete the manufacturing process

Action steps on Manufacturing Module:

• The user defines the necessary raw materials for the manufacturing process in the form of items in stocks.
• Definition of manufactured goods (final product)
• Each product definition stages until packaging
• Definition of manufacturing model manually and raw materials which are used to manufacture a product fully in a form called manufacturing model also can be linked to indirect costs, which carry the full product
• Manufacturing process, a process carried out by the financial management to prove the manufacturing process and convert raw materials into final producers as defined in manufacturing sample .. so the program automatically eject raw materials from the stores and the entering final products according to manufacturing process - with a possibility for modifying in the manufacturing process, whether in raw materials or final products which means deviation
• Reports actual deviation in manufacturing, which shows actual deviation in the manufacturing process for what is a standard recorder and explains the details of the deviation, both in raw materials or manufactured goods amount and value
• This is in addition to other public reports for manufacturing
And we would like to point out that it is prepared in a manner is closest to reality and through the companys expertise in dealing with the factories and the establishment of systems.


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