Programes - Construction Program

Contracting and abstracts:

A module prepared for the mechanization of contracting company accounts that addresses all aspects of the work, from the definition of projects and their business items to the printing of abstracts, whether for subcontractors or the owners extracts.
The possibility of identifying projects with their analytical parts with illustrated engineering drawings
Define the business terms (inventory) for each project and divide them into main and sub-items, while recording the quantity and price of each item
Assigning the works to the sub-contractors through contracting each of them
The work of extracts of subcontractors in accordance with their contract and the ability to print the extract from the program with control of all financial aspects from deduction of advance payments or insurance or others and this is done automatically so that an exchange order is issued to the treasury net of what will be disbursed to the contractor after review.
The work of the owner’s extracts and the ability to print them as well as obtain them automatically by grouping the extracts of the different subcontractors in one extract. It can also be grouped at the level of one building or one model or a major business item or scare as well as assembly on the basis of a specific sub-contractor or all contractors
A full link with both the general and final accounts module and the warehouse module so that they can directly influence them, generate the required financial restrictions and spend the stored consumables according to each project
An integrated system of discretionary budgets and their warnings
A large number of analytical reports that provide full control over the establishments activity
Inventory report
Report the project position, ratios and quantities
Report of the analytical position of the project, according to contractors
Abstracts report
Expenditure report for a contractor
Contractors receivables statement
Deviations of engineering assays report quantities

Construction Program

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