Programes - General Accounting Program

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Gates financial program provides entire system for financial accounts, Its basic features are as follows
• Simplified chart of accounts was prepared as a model accounting preparation to match the display image of the financial position statement arises automatically once the establishment of the company with the possibility to modify it totally and with an unlimited number of levels with the possibility of automatic coding to prevent human mistakes until the trial balance is displayed logically if requested with different levels ... Its displayed method is hierarchical and easy to deal with it through the guide window itself by addition, modification, and deletion in case of if there is validity for that.• .
• Definitive accounts card of all types of accounts ordinary, closing and distributive
• Daily multi-currency entries includes the cost centers, tax deducted source, other credit parties, readability of the periodic entries or reading the cancelled entries, its display and its retrieval. In addition to identifying the type of document supporter or non-supporter for the expense which gives final report for the end of the year with the expenses which is not supported with documents.• .
• Cost centers in all units of the input program, which provides more analytical opportunity for the user if he distributes its calculations on the cost centers.•
• Accounting handling safe on treasury through receivable and payable invoices which can be also printed so that it cannot affect the fund except through receivable and payable window but in the case of the interest of financial management in another thing.•
• The possibility of establishing several funds or stores for the company and make receivable and payable units individually for each fund for each user according to his authorities by series separated for each entry unit.•
• The option to work with temporary receipts with effect on the treasury movement detection.
• The possibility of editing the other departments for cash invoices directly affects the fund or applying another system called reading from other departments so that it allows the user to edit the cash invoices but do not affect the Treasury except after the treasury secretary read the order of receivable or payable and implementing it himself after receipt or disbursement of cash.•
• Administrative linking between the other departments and the treasury such as the human resources department, tax department, sales and purchases department so that it gives them the opportunity to edit the payable orders such as payable order for a predecessor or giving salary so it appears to the treasury Secretary in the form of hinting to download from another department, download and convert it into invoice for implementing it without the need for a manual documentary session and even the documentary session can be printed directly from the program.•
• Detailed ledger or gross with more than one currency, for any sub-account or main account with the possibility of identifying the sources through which the reports can be read with the presence of mechanism in displaying the reports from all sources even if its a new sources made by the user.• .
• Multi-level analytical reviewing balance totals and balances.
• Closing accounts (budget, profits and losses, trading, operating and income statement)•
•Payable bills and receivable bills with comprehensive reports so that they can review the receivable or collected or apostate or appeared by its editing or due dates and its place of issue with the possibility of working on them also from other departments, In other words editing payable orders for it from another department such as human resource for the payment of salaries, predecessor or tax department
• Added notifications and Banking discount with the possibility of making bank adjustment.•
• General adjustments for all accounts.•
• Separate entry unit for the opening statement.•
• Great possibility to create units, windows or screens for new entries to the program with directing its effect to the required accounts easily such as the creation of specific receivable and payable bills, or specific receivable and payable papers, or purchase or sales invoices working on specific stores or with a different financial impact with renaming it or added bills or new payable warehouse commensurate with the applications and the needs of the company.•
• Exchange rate of differential account.
• Passıve reports that allows to communicate wıth source entry

Accounting Reports

• Ledger on multiple levels for major and detailed accounts for versus account or for all accounts read from all entry sources or identify specific sources.•
• General Journal
• Ledger cost centers and detailed and collected movement for it.•
• Trial balance and the total at all levels of the tree accounts the principal and sub- accounts.•
• Statistical reports to study the movements of accounts and using charts.•
• Analytical expenses recorded or not recorded by documents and the possibility of filtrating a specific account.•
• Extract report by the 7% of expenditures recorded automatically.•
• Accounts had been audited... Report shows the accounts have been audited.•
• Reveal movement on treasury daily displayed by model accounting way receipts and payments per day and the balance of the day temporary cash receipts and checks ..Can also be displayed in the form of receipts fund only and filtering of specific receipts or payments from the fund and filtering it to a specific body and it can display the days that has been reveal Treasury balance in it if completed to allow the movement on the Treasury negatively.•
• Reveal the bank movement additions and discounts or only payment or only receipts or determine the party.•
• Reports compare the accounts from each other of the last year.•
• Report of the movement of the flow of funds whether the Treasury only or bank only or both from the date of the last of the receipts and payments allows the allows analysis of the movement of cash aspects of receiving it and aspects of spending it value.•
• Report 41 form discount and collecting deduction tax source displays the form of government required to be submitted quarterly year and displays the un-required submitted reports and entitlements and the differences in payment.•
• Report of non-deductible payments have deducted source in the case of permissible work for the user.•
• The governmental ledge deducted at source which includes supplier and all dealings with the discount.•
• The governmental ledger for accrual movement and payment of tax deducted at source.•
• Report of the canceled movements and the possibility of retrieval.•
• Report of the posted or no posted movements.•
• Budgets reports.•
• General journal and ledger.• .
• Trading accounts, profit, and loss or income statement.•
• Balance sheet.•
• For the first time the statement of financial position and review the net accounts as you review and print the explanations analytically.

Accounts Initializing

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Accounting Transactions

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Accounting Transactions

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