Programes - Inventory Customers And Vendors

• Easy definition for materials includes a comprehensive description of the material, material card with a number of infinite units for each material .. inventory items and other service ordinary and other collective items.
• Hierarchical structure for groups of materials facilitate the process of classifying materials.
• Pricing policies sales with ratio of the cost or from the last purchase or setting the sales prices wholesale, consumer, sectoral and representative.
• A maximum minimum limit for each material help in the process of controlling the inventory materials.
• Linking units with a factor of inconstant conversion, such as making the bag contains a variable weight of material, as if they are cartons, for example contains 22 kg, and another contains 25 kg.
• Working with the barcode system and the possibility of printing the barcode from the purchases invoice or item card according to the users policy.
• Define the special serials of the items and control it in inserting it in the purchase and sales invoices.
• Unlimited number of warehouses, with the possibility of the dividing warehouse internally hierarchically, such as the warehouses division to main warehouses and other sub.
• Complete link between the warehouse and accounting entries, So as to generate entries and adjusting it automatically when proceeding deposit operations by using either continuous inventory method or the final inventory method.
• Purchase invoices, sales, returns, and other invoices designed by you to suit the nature of the work, such as the minutes of receipt, the minutes of damages, and delivery orders.
• Added bills and warehouse exchange bills can work through it and loading it on the bill in totally or partially.
• Purchase request, Sales orders and loading it directly with the invoice.
• The process of full linking between the purchases or sales invoice and its own repayments either in cash or by check which allows to the user the possibility of reviewing the reports of the accounts of suppliers and customers to allocate bills.
• Two ways affects the cash invoice on the treasury...Either direct effect means generating payable or receivable bill directly to the treasury or using another method for loading the other models so that it makes alert to the treasurys secretary by editing the payable or receivable order and from it the treasurys secretary can make payable or receivable bill which affects the treasury and the invoice.
• Make items offers view the amount or cash deduction for the sale or purchase and make control in the promotion period and control the customers who are subjected to offers or items.
• The possibility of detailing the user to the types of discounts or other additions according to the nature of its work and creating the equation of applying itself as it can be used to define the the types of the new taxes.
• Assembling and dismantling for the items ... means collecting the item in the store from several different items and calculating its cost automatically.
• Generating the invoice for sales tax and tax deducted at source.
• The process of full linking of purchases returns or sales by purchase or sale invoice so that it can be a subject for matching with the presence of flexibility in the program to disconnect the response process from the original invoice and determine in accordance to the policy of senior management.
• The possibility of designing the form to print the invoice with total freedom, with the possibility of printing it on ready invoices.
• Calculating the sales tax and other taxes automatically when you enter invoices and posting it to their accounts.
• The treatment of expiration date of the materials, and reports of expired materials which is about to expire.
• The possibility of pricing of sales invoices automatically by the last selling price for the customer or multiple pricing policies.
• Transfer operations between warehouses (transfer between branches, exhibitions and stores). It was prepared with a massive supervisory system so as not to allow them to fulfill the process of inventory transfer except when matching the outgoing with the added from the inventory control department.
• The inventory settlement done through reviewing the inventory documents, compare it with the actual inventory, extract the deficiencies and increases, evaluating it, making inventory settlement with the store automatically whether on the store level or stores or groups or items... and can not be edited in any inventory input precedes the inventory settlement process to ensure absolute financial control.
• The possibility of setting the program for generating the purchasing order automatically according to the company policy which is defined with a card by choosing suppliers lower cost or duration of supply.
• The system concerns the definition of items, stores and units, record the movement of the store from paying, addition and transfers with the possibility of evaluating the inventory through the registration cost of the items, the program calculates the cost different of the other party based on exchange transactions and supply.
• As the program also offers several reports which can limit the movement of stores and tightening the control on it with following up the customer and supplier balances from it.

The report of inventory items

Analytical report to inventory items in the store making inventory for all items as it can also make inventory on a specific item or specific group or store.
With the ability to control through options of report with data appeared in the report as it shown with figure.
The report of the movement of product
Report makes inventory analytical movement that occurs on each item with addition or exchange with the possibility of customization and filtering by more than a way
Analytical movement report of the invoices
Analytical report for each of invoice recorded in the program with limiting all the data related to this invoice such as payments, batches, collections, and advanced payments related to this invoice.
Sales Report
Analytical report to limit all existing sales in the program with showing all related data..
Purchases report
Analytical report to limit all the existing purchases in the program with showing all related data..
Returns Report
Analytical report to limit all existing sales in the program with showing all related date..
Purchases returns report
Analytical report to limit all existing purchases returns in the program with showing all related data.
The customer account report
Special report to reveal the customers account in the program with the ability to view the reveal account for a specific customer with all data related to him from invoices and collections.
Supplier account report
Special report to reveal the suppliers account in the program with the ability to view the reveal account for a specific supplier with all data related to him from invoices and payments.
Invoices movement report - Sales and returns report - Customer account report foreign currency- Customer balances report- Late payments report - Expiry dates report - Rep Commissions quantitative report- Items profitability report - Invoices profitability report -
Price list report - item analysis to rep report - Item Min orders report - Payments report - inventory profits report -

Stores Initializing

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Stores Transactions

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Stores reports

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