Programes - Real estate

Real Estate :

A module dedicated to serving the clients of real estate investment companies and full control in the case of each of the targeted customers in the marketing process.
The ability to define units owned by the company or units owned by others, with the identification of the carry-on units for sales to work on their marketing, with all unit data recorded.
Introducing customers to all their data, as well as specifying the required specifications from the customer, and therefore the program automatically filters the closest and most suitable units to the customers requirements.
Define marketing channels and review reports on the viability of each marketing channel.
Definition of marketing staff data with full control of the powers of informing each marketing employee of a specific range of clients or all of the companys clients.
Full control of all marketing steps of the client, whether follow-ups, inspections or unit reservations.
Highly flexible degree of filtering and automatic filtering of the program for the appropriate units for each client.
Registering contracts for selling units with the optimal financial impact and dealing with subsequent contract payments with a set of reports that fully explain the position of collections payments.
A large number of analytical reports that provide full control over the establishments activity
Report clients under follow-up
Customer follow-up report
Unit Reviews Report
Customer Match Report for Units
Customer report by area
Customer statement statement
Determine the position of unit or client payments

Real estate

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